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recommanded equipment

guys if i have 2610......will that be enough to do all routing practice for ccie lab???? what shd be the min ram and flash......i am going for lab in few months and i tried really hard with dynagin....but cpu issues alwaays so i have decided to go for real equipment.....all i wanna ask is will these router will do all stuff for ccie routing and switching (except swicthing part) i will grab cisco 2522 as FR swicth as well.....guys i need your help . please help me out as i am already very tense....thnaks

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Re: recommanded equipment

Here's my .02 26xx are great as it also support MLPS. You just need to make sure you can do trunking via the FE ports. I dont recall off the top of my head which one U need 2610 or 2611. As for memory make sure you have enough memory to run 12.4 code which I think is 64M and 32F.

2522 or a 4k with an NM-4t's work great.

Your problem comes with what ever your budget is

BTW I just bought a 2.4 quad core with vista last week to run dynamips/GNS3 and it works great. 599 from dell but no monitor.

Good luck

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Re: recommanded equipment

Thanks mate for the reply now 2610 and 2611 both have normal ethernet :-( i only want to do the routing bit the max memory for 2610 is 16 and 64. and the latest IOS is 12.3 not even my understanding is will this equipment will do the complete routing like BGP, OSPF and other stuff like QoS etc??? how many router you can run on quad core as once you load config the cpu usage goes to roof top

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Re: recommanded equipment

If you want to just to routing then the 12.3 and 26xx are fine. Just stick to 26xx as down the road if you ever want to do mpls as the 25xx dont support it and I now have a bunch of them gathering dust because I never future planned properly :/

as for dynamips/gns3 I have like 10 running with no issues. On my dual core work laptop it was hosed after 3 router. They have the 16 port esw which seems to also emulate switching and trunking.

Thx Steve

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Re: recommanded equipment


i am also very interested in how your system performs in terms of IOS versions/router models you are emulating as i am looking to get dynamips up and running.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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