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Recover Image on Sup2/MFSC2 Card

I have a 6509 with redundant Sup2/MFSC2 cards. I recently upgraded the MFSC2 IOS from 12.1 to 12.2(18), by removing the SUP2/MFSC2 card from the second slot, just as a CYA. This was successful and I am running on this version now. However, when I tried to get a new IOS image on the 2nd MFSC2 flash, I rebooted it before I got the new image loaded in flash. So my MFSC2 in slot 15 is inactive, the Sup2 (running Cat OS ver 8.4.3) is working and is in standby mode.

I would like a 'sanity check' on my method to recover the 2nd MSFC2 module.

I have 2 ATA PCMCIA Flash cards and have copied the IOS image from BootFlash to Disk0: on the card in slot 1. Then I will move the ATA PCMCIA card to the 2nd slot and remove the SUP2/MFCS2 card from the first slot, so I can boot up on the 2nd SUP card, then Switch Console to the MFSC card, then see if I can "boot system flash sup-slot0:<image name>", then when that works, I should be able to TFTP the image to bootflash, configure the redundancy, then insert the SUP2/MSFC2 card in slot 1.

Sanity check please?


Re: Recover Image on Sup2/MFSC2 Card

To verify the Module use

ABC# show module

The show system sanity command runs a set of predetermined checks on the configuration with a possible combination of certain system states in order to compile a list of warning conditions. The checks are designed to look for anything that seems out of place. The checks are intended to help you maintain the desired and correct system configuration and functionality.

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