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redist eigrp into BGP

I'm trying to inject external eigrp routes into my providers MPLS/BGP network. I only see the route (in the bgp table) on the router where the redistribution takes place. It's not being populated to the neighboring peers through the MPLS/BGP. Since my peer are internal the BGP AD is 20 and I'm changing the AD of the injected routes to 15.

router eigrp 500

distance eigrp 15 15

router bgp 64000

redis eigrp 500


Cisco Employee

Re: redist eigrp into BGP


Do you know whether the redistributed routes are advertised to the Service Provider or not? I assume that you are using the same ASN on both side of the MPLS VPN network? Is the SP using "neighbor as-override" command to allow these updates to propagate in spite of the same ASN being carried from one side to the other.

Also, did you configure a "default-metric" under the eigrp process to allow the redistribution from BGP to Eigrp to take place.


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Re: redist eigrp into BGP

Ritter thx for the quick responce.

I'm actually waiting on a response from the service provider now. Yes I"m using the same ASN on both sides.

I did not configure the "defualt-metric" under the eigrp process. I don't want to redistribute the BGP routes into EIGRP.

(I have a 1841 that has DSL and MPLS)

I have a DSL connection that I want to use as the primary ckt and I'll be using the MPLS as a secondary. I want my remote sites (other side of MPLS) to use the DSL tunnel to get to the 1841 instead of the MPLS.

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