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redistribute BGP into another BGP AS

I am implementing a new mpls network that has an existing mpls network running bgp.  So I have the new setup with a new BGP AS # and I have routing working on this AS.  What I need to do is take those routes and redistribute them into the existing BGP AS that is running, so as we migrate sites all sites will have the correct routes no matter what MPLS network and BGP AS they are running on.

Can I redistribute from one BGP AS to another without causing a routing loop.  My worry is I may cause a routing loop by doing this.


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Re: redistribute BGP into another BGP AS


How do you plan to redistribute routes from one MPLS network to the other? If you use BGP to propagate routes between the old and the new, there is no risk of causing a routing loop as BGP has a builtin mechanism (as path loop detection) to prevent it.


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redistribute BGP into another BGP AS

so if I setup a peer neighbor to the new AS this will advertise the BGP routes between them?

All I am looking to do is take the new mpls which is has a different AS and have the routes from both be advertised so if a site has been migrated to the new mpls it will have the routes from the existing mpls.  Once all sites are migrated the existing AS will be removed.

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