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Redistribute connected

Hi folks,

I'm redistributing both connected and RIP routes into my OSPF domain. I configured an OSPF default-metric of 21.

However, in R4's routing table (R4 being an internal OSPF router) I see one External route with metric=21, and another one with metric=20 (corresponds to the redistributed connected subnet).

What's the matter with redistributed connected subnets into OSPF? Don't they get the value of the configured seed metric? Is there an exception?

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Re: Redistribute connected

Hello Wassim,

the default seed metric for connected is 0


you may need to set the seed on the red connected command if you want a different one

Hope to help


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Re: Redistribute connected

but I did this:

"router ospf 3

redistribute connected subnets

redistribute rip subnets

default-metric 21"

so I guessed that red connected will get 21 as seed metric, not 20.

Am I missing something?

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Re: Redistribute connected

Hello Wassim,

I think the default-metric seed applies only to RIP routes see this note in the link I've attached in my first post:


When enabled, the default-metric command applies a metric value of 0 to redistributed connected routes. The default-metric command does not override metric values that are applied with the redistribute command.

so I would try to provide a seed metric directly in the red connected subnets metric 5 to see if there is a change.

To be noted that connected networks could use the ospf cost of interface.

By using the network command the seed metric is the ospf cost of the interface and the route is internal (for example could be filtered at area border)

Hope to help


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