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Redistribute EIGRP to BGP (Need Assistance)


This is my first time trying to redistribute EIGRP routes to BGP. I am using EIGRP in my local network, but would like to redistrubute my routes into BGP to load share our MPLS links. I can't really find any tutorial on the Internet to achieve this. Please take a look at my confiuration and let me know what you think:

MPLS Router1:

router bgp 100

no synchronization

bgp log-neighbor-changes

neighbor remote-as 200

neighbor default-originate

neighbor remote-as 100

neighbor next-hop-self

redistribute eigrp 10

no auto-summary

Core Router:

router eigrp 10




redistribute bgp 100

default-metric 1000 100 250 100 1500

no auto-summary

I must be missing something.

Thank you!

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Re: Redistribute EIGRP to BGP (Need Assistance)

Adding the metric show do the trick. Do you have L3 switches behind the router to verify that the routes are being received?

router eigrp 10

redistribute bgp 100 metric (WAN BW) 200 1 254 1500

network 10.1.x.0

If the 10.1.x.0 networks are all connected to the router and connected to the wan, just move the network statements under BGP.


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Re: Redistribute EIGRP to BGP (Need Assistance)

Okay, so on my BGP router, I should add the network statements from the core routers eigrp config? Should I then remove the redistribute commands? Do I even need to run eigrp on my core if it's connected directly to the bgp router?

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Re: Redistribute EIGRP to BGP (Need Assistance)

Hello Scott,

I agree with Aaron

BGP can advertise whatever IP prefix is in the routing table if the correct network command is added in router bgp config.

This allows you to avoid two-way mutual redistribution that is potentially dangerous if you do it on multiple routers.

you can use up to 200 network commands under router bgp.

Hope to help


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