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redistributing static routes from rip

If I redistribute static routes from RIP, what will their administrative distance be?


Re: redistributing static routes from rip

Hi gavin,

I am not sure whether you are asking for the Metric or the administrative distance.

say if you topology looks something like this


and R1 is redistributing the static routes into RIP, then the AD for the route would be one at R1 (static & directly conencted)

This will be advertised to R2 & R3 over RIP and hence the AD at R2 & R3 will be 120

If you are talking about metric, the seed metric would be advertised unless a seperate metric is specified during redistribution

So in above case metric at R2 would be 2 and at R3 would be 3

If you add the redistribute static metric 5 command then the metric will be 6 & 7 respectively at R2 and r3

HTH, rate if it does


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Re: redistributing static routes from rip


Thanks for the post, just another follow up question. Are the static routes only redistrubuted if they are placed in the routing table? An example here is a floating static, the floating static route is only entered into the routing table when RIP goes down so I have set the AD = 200.

The question is are the floating statics only redistributed when they are entered in the routing table?



Re: redistributing static routes from rip

Hi gavin,

You are right. The static routes will be redistributed only when they are in the routing table.

In your case, the floating static route would be placed in the routing table when your primary route goes down and hence would be redistributed

HTH, rate if it does


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