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Redistribution Problem


we have few sites connected over two different vpn tunnels one is over IPSec other is on plain GRE without IPSec due to ISP Constraints, both were working fine.

now some remote Locations connected to one ISP having problem at my VPN router.


i can reach remote location 1 from my core switch, but not to the other one, while i check the tunnels on vpn router bother up and can be reached through vpn router.

i am having rip between my vpn router and remote location and OSPF between core and vpn router.

the configuration is like


vpn router :

router ospf 10
 redistribute rip subnets
 network area 0
 distribute-list 10 in
router rip
 version 2
 redistribute ospf 10 metric 5
 no auto-summary


Remote Location 1:

router rip
 version 2
  no auto-summary


Remote Location 2 :

 router rip

      version 2


      no auto-summary


this was working config, but now its giving problem all of a sudden, which i couldn't get the reason.




Please tell us which one is

Please tell us which one is working IPSEC or GRE vpn?

If IPSec is not working then you have to make clear, which type of this vpn, gre over ipsec or simple ipsec. If it is simple IPSec then your routing updates are not reaching the across the tunnel. you have two options:

1) Static routes

2) implement GRE over IPsec



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Hello Looks like possible split horizon issue - you could try disabling split horizon or use unicast rip routing instead of multicast Option 1) Router rip No ip split horizon Option-2 ) Router rip Passive interface xxx Neigbour x.x.x.x Neigbour x.x.x.x Res Paul
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