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Redistrubtion issue toward new MPLS


I'm adding my old network which is running RIP to new  MPLS cloud, there are 5 sites each of them is connected toward MPLS and  running RIP through GRE Tunnel.

Newly we have purchased contract with new MPLS and they offered in each site one new router along connectivity toward new MPLS.

These  routers are running BGP and not yet detrmined to runn between the WAN  Router and rip netwrok ,

due the new design we should run GET VPN Tech  rather than GRE,

Please advise how could we redistribute  the routes from one huge DC to the new WAN routers which is attached to the  network and how to join it to RIP. shall we ran RIP between these WAN Routes and RIP Routers and make redistrubtion under the WAN Routrers, or shall we make static routes and under the old RIP routers make redistriton.

What is best practice in terms of redistribution and could it be different sites we redistribute the WAN Routes

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Redistrubtion issue toward new MPLS

Hi Othman ,

As I understood from your setup that you have some sites have been migrated to MPLS VPN by your ISP and BGP is the protocol which is connecting to remote location and RIP is local protocol for LAN . If yes , So you can advertise your LAN/Servers....etc in RIP process then redistribute them into BGP . And the vice versa to redistribute BGP learned routes into BGP .


Majed .

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Redistrubtion issue toward new MPLS

Hello Majed/Saeed,

What about the Routing loop as we could redistrube from difrenet gates toward the new Routers/MPLS


Redistrubtion issue toward new MPLS

When redistrubuting to BGP/RIP you could use route-maps and different metrics from each location.


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