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Redundant Routing


I have a 7206 router with 3 FE100 interfaces. I have 1x interface connected to one wireless backhaul (this link connects to another 3550 L3 switch ---> 7206 router ---> DS3 to our core 7507 router

Another interface is connected to a different wireless backhaul which connects to a fiber 3400 switch ---> fiber link ---> to our core 7507 router.

I will be configuring the third FE100 interface on this 7206 router for another LAN segment for customers. I need to have this 7206 configured that if one interface fails the other routes all traffic out one of the other interfaces. Right now all our IP subnets are statically routed to this location.

I am not sure what to use for redundant routing. Should I use Eigrp, or policy based routing. I can not reconfigure our entire network to make this happen. Unless, it is absolutly neccessary.

Any ideas?



Re: Redundant Routing

Although I am not 100% clear on your network configuration consider the following points.

1- I see an issue with the static routing configuration in that if a component or link fails there is a good chance that packets will be black holed. For example, if DS3 from the 7206 to the core 7507 drops, then the FE interface on the first 7206 will remain up on the backhaul to the 3550 switch. The static routes will remain active and packets will be forwarded to a dead end path. This is something to watch out for on other points on your network.

2- Implementing a dynamic routing protocol like EIGRP would address the above issue if donme correctly, offer dynamic routing in the event of failures and is probably the best way to go.

3- Policy routing is used more for when you need to bend the rules of common routing and probably is something you may want to stay away from unless there is a unique requirement that makes it absolutely necessary, but I don't see that here.

Hope this helps.

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Re: Redundant Routing

I would configure static routing with diff AD. The highest AD should be poiting to the FE of last resort.

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Re: Redundant Routing

Do you have an example? I have so many static routes. Do I need to set the AD on each one?

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