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Relative Performance 28xx/38xx

I am currently running a 3640 that is getting maxed out on CPU. So I am looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest Cisco router. A quick price check on the internet shows (about) the following:

2821 - $3000

2851 - $5000

3825 - $7200

3845 - $9700

My application calls for a NM-1A-T3 and a FastEthernet interface. I believe each of these routers, with ?SP Services? IOS, supports the NM-1A-T3 (T3 ATM interface) and include Ethernet interfaces and expansion is not an issue. Given that, what is the relative performance of these routers? Is a 2851 30% faster than at 2821? Is a 3825 20% faster than a 2851? Is there a chart that shows this somewhere? Where does my 3640 fall in the scale? 15% slower than a 2821? I really just want to know what I am getting for my money. More expansion, faster systems or both. Thanks. -- Bud

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Re: Relative Performance 28xx/38xx

I found this document which I think answers my question:

Re: Relative Performance 28xx/38xx

right... apart from that, u need to take the scalability point into consideration... 2800 will have 1 NM card, 3825 will have 2 and 3845 will have 4... there aer also good amount of difference in the IPSEC VPN support, CME support, conferencign support etc.. you need to take all these into consideration !!!!!!11

hope this helps..


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