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Remote Desktop Access

Hi, I need some help in solving an issue using a cisco VPN tunnel connection. I have 2 cisco routers at 2 different plants. I am tunneling into the 1st router which allows me to remote desktop my computer on that network with a 192.168.42.XX address however I cannot remote desktop computers behind the 2nd router at their 192.168.50.XX address.

I can remote desktop to the 50.XX computer once into my computer at the 42.XX address but not straight in from the outside.

Does anyone know what I might add to the configuration that would allow this type of connection from the outside while still keeping the connection secure?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Remote Desktop Access

Check your local routing table. It might only have a summarized entry for network pointing to the 1st router.

Re: Remote Desktop Access


First, check your VPN ACL if 192.168.50.xx is included to the networks/host for you to access, don't forget to check the port as well.

Second, check if your VPN has a route to 192.168.50.xx

Last, check 2nd router if it has a route to VPN IP Pool



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Re: Remote Desktop Access

Thank you for your response. Can you please elaborate on how to accomplish this? I am including portions of both router configs.

Thank you for your assistance with my request.

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