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Remote office connectivity issues

I have a remote office that is connected to the head office using VPN Tunnel

The setup is as follows:

2 ADSL Modems connected to two Cisco 800 routers (main and backup)

Both are connected to a switch 

A gateway is connected to the switch

Now switch forwards everything to the gateway which has a static route to use the main VPN as the default route and the backup VPN as a backup

There are IP phones there which are connected to the CCM in the main office


Now users keep complaining about phones losing connectivity to the CCM and get to the fallback mode.. then the whole starting up process which is time consuming and affecting production


I kept a continuous ping from the main office on the main vpn router, backup router, gateway and no link problems found, a ping misses every 30 or 40 pings and the trip time is totally fine.. yet the users report the same problem!


I have the similar configuration on many other offices and whenever such a problem is reported it is something from the ISP, now it is not as it seems..



suggestions on what to look at? 



Hi @gm.gmware,A few questions

Hi @gm.gmware,

A few questions:

  • When did the problem start to show exactly? Was there any change in the configuration before?
  • Are you using IP SLA to track the status of the static routes in the gateway?
  • Are those WAN links good enough in terms of bandwidth?
  • Are you using QoS or any congestion mechanism in those WAN links?
  • Did you check the packet statistics in the gateway interfaces that point to the Cisco 800 routers to see any errors (Output errors, input errors, CRC, etc)?

Hope to see your answers.


Martin, IT Specialist

New Member

Done some investigation,

Done some investigation, seems like an issue in my DSL connection, those are the type of messages I receive before the disconnection occur:

.Sep 25 16:11:41: atmsar_fastsend(ATM0): QUEUE_PER_VC enqueue fails!, vcd = 1




.Sep 25 16:11:41: %DIALER-6-UNBIND: Interface Vi1 unbound from profile Di0
.Sep 25 16:11:41: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Access1, changed state to down
.Sep 25 16:11:42: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Virtual-Access1, changed state to down
.Sep 25 16:12:03: %DIALER-6-BIND: Interface Vi1 bound to profile Di0




Running a debug on atm errors 

Post some debug and show

Post some debug and show commands:

debug isdn q931

debug isdn events

debug dialer

debug ppp authentication


show running-config

show interface dialer

show atm interface atm 


Waiting for your responses.


Martin, IT Specialist


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