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remote site cannot browse the net

Hi everyone,

i wonder if you can help as this issue I have is very frustrating to resolve.

We have a HQ site configured with core mpls network. All internet browsing woks ok.

We have a remote site connected via a WAN circuit that mpls runs over. the Remote router then has the usual bgp config and connects to the route reflector.

Topology is like this:  remotesite router to core1 router (via wan) then to core2 router (route reflector) to internet f/w

The problem is that on one particular vrf the browsing doesn't work properly ie go to google ok but then go to say cnn and the browser just says waiting until it times out.

connect the lan config to the core 1 router and all ok .

All routing at the remote site is correct and can ping internet addresses but try to browse the net and get this strange issue. Thouhjt it would be mtu related but we have the standard 1500 default setting everywhere else with no problems.



New Member

remote site cannot browse the net

Well folks,

the fixed started by adding the commad ip tcp adjust-mss to 1450 to the lan interface on the router.

Then by increasing the mtu size on the wan interface (ethernet) at both sides to 1530 and remove the ip tcp adjust-mss command all worked !

So it had to do with the additional overhead of the mpls layer that caused the issue.

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