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Removing 7206 interface modules

When removing port modules from the 7206, is it best practive to remove any config components before pulling the module?

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<br />For example we have a Multilink interface that had x6 T1s that is no longer needed.

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<br />IF I pull the modules without removing any of the config:

<br />Multilink interface info

<br />Serial interface info

<br />T/1 controller info

<br />

<br />Is it possible there could be config remnants left in?

<br />

<br />If so what is the best practice for removing the modules?


Re: Removing 7206 interface modules

If I remember correctly, the physical interface configs will be removed when the card is removed. However the virtual ones will not until be deleted until you remove them (no interface Multilink1) and reboot.

Hope that helps.

Re: Removing 7206 interface modules


Yes, there is possibility for leftovers. If you place into the same slot another PA of the same type, you will most likely see the old config (I recall doing this in 7500s). If you put some other type of PA, you will not see the old config (it is not applicable to this adapter).

Going back to the 7200-specific discussion. We once had to do some maintenance in a 7200 with a POS-PA. I told the operator to remove the circuit cable from the POS-PA, but there was some misunderstanding and he removed the whole POS-PA together with the circuit cable! After some natural astonishment of mine (I am saying this politely :-), we put the card back into the 7200 and I went to check if things had gone back to where they were. The circuit would not work! All configuration for the slot seems to be right there as it was before the OIR, but not quite. One command is missing and it took me some time to find out : pos flag s1s0 2. This was a bug associated with OIR.

Best practice is to shut interface before OIR (it's like warning the router and backplane about what is about to happen, instead of surprising the router and pay the consequences). If you want the slot clean of config, you should remove config before the OIR. If you want to put same adapter type in same slot (e.g. to replace a faulty adapter), you can leave configuration there and it will reappear (hopefully all of it :-).

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