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Replacement for 6500 Sup 720 3BXL - Suggestions?


We are looking to replace the above router with a new core routing appliance and wondering what you lot thought?  The Sup 720 has issues with Netflow and TCAM and also slow BGP convergance times.  We are looking at maybe the ASR 1004 with 40GB route processor or maybe the Nexus 7000.  Does anybody have any experiance of using these as core production routers and have any feedback on them?

Or any feisable alternatives to the SUP 720 and not the Sup 2T as that is similar to the 720.

Many Thanks.


Replacement for 6500 Sup 720 3BXL - Suggestions?

Do you need a Layer 3 Switch or a Router ?

I would consider the N7K a layer 3 switch. if you have a need for high port density that would work.

I have not seen it in a pure core layer environment, so I cannot comment on its performance.

The ASR is turning out to be a pretty capable device. We have them as DMVPN head ends, and they work just fine.

Purpose build router...

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Re: Replacement for 6500 Sup 720 3BXL - Suggestions?

It will primerily be used as a router to route alot of internet facing traffic and have alot of BGP sessions homed on it, we will of course need a  layer 3 switch card in there too

Im just trying to gather our options, do you run netflow or have any BGP running on the ASR?  Any issues of concern?


Re: Replacement for 6500 Sup 720 3BXL - Suggestions?

No Netflow, minor instance of BGP.

Our workhorse is the ASR9010.

As Joseph indicated below, it may be worth a look.

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Re: Replacement for 6500 Sup 720 3BXL - Suggestions?


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There's a little more to the sup2T's architecture vs. sup720.  You might not want to rule it out without further analysis.

Beside the ASR 1k series, you could also look at the "small" ASR 9ks.

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