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Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

I have been researching the procedure to replace the ATM Interface module in a Cisco 3660, but I am not finding much. Are there any steps I need to perform or any tips I need to keep in mind when replacing an ATM interface module? I have never replaced one, and I wanted to make sure it was done correctly. Is it as simple as shutting down the router and swapping the modules? They are the same direct replacement module, 1A-T3 cards. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

3660 supports OIR, so you don't have to shutdown, just swap the module.

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

So, I just need to unplug the ATM cables, remove the ATM module, insert the new module, re-insert the ATM cables, and I am good to go since the router supports online insertion and removal (OIR)? There shouldn't be any problems with me doing this?



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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

Are you sure you have a faulty module? If yes, why?

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

To be honest, I am not 100% sure it is a faulty module. The problem is I have to keep bouncing the interface

daily to re-establish connectivity. I posted here before and it was mentioned to try updating the IOS which I am going to do as well, but I do not currently have enough flash memory to support the new versions. I have 16mb and need a minimum of 32mb. I asked for troubleshooting help but all that was mentioned was to update the IOS first and see. I have ordered the memory but I am needing to try something quickly as I am getting hounded by management about the issue. The logs show the interface bouncing from up -> down all day long. It goes down for like 2 minutes at a time then comes back up. Any other suggestions?

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

More likely uou have a faulty circuit.

I would wait for the memory upgrade, as it's very unlikely that you have a faulty module.

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660


Do you think it is possibly on AT&T's end then? The problem started about a month or so ago briefly. No changes have been made to the frame network at all in this time period. The problem is inconsistent as far as time of day, but the interface status changes from up/down all day long several times a day.


Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

Do this:

Pick a time (say on the hour) log into the router and do a clear counters.

any time 2 to 24 hours after that, log back on the router and do a show interface for the problem circuit.

There will be a few clues in there.

Couple other items:

1. How long has the circuit been installed ?

2. When did the issues start ? is there any change associated with the start of the issues ?

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660


The circuit has been installed for many years. I am new to the company having only been employed there 6 months. The issues started briefly about a month ago, but it has seemed to have gotten progressively worse. Almost daily, I have to go in and do a shut/no shut on the ATM interface to re-establish connectivity. There have been no config/network changes to our frame network in the 6 months I have been there.



Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

Ok, so lets get some time stamped show int counters from the interface

as i suggested. You should also consider some testing with the carrier

during a maintenance window. they need to stress test the entire link.

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660


I am going to do as you suggested for the counters and such. I also opened a ticket to have AT&T do a monitoring session to see if they see anything on their end. If that doesn't prove useful, then I will have them do an intrusive test during our maintenance window. I will let you know what the status of the counters are in the next day or so. Thanks.



Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

Its a plan, which is better than no plan.

Post the results of the show interface after your time period

along with the show controllers for the same interface.

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660


I cleared the counters and let it run for 4+ hours. I didn't have any link failures in that 4 hour time span, but here are the results of the items you

requested and maybe you can shed some light on a potential problem(s).

Show int atm2/0:

ATM2/0 is up, line protocol is up

  Hardware is RS8234 ATM DS3

  MTU 4470 bytes, sub MTU 4470, BW 45000 Kbit, DLY 190 usec,

     reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

  Encapsulation ATM, loopback not set

  Encapsulation(s): AAL5

  1023 maximum active VCs, 9 current VCCs

  VC idle disconnect time: 300 seconds

  Last input 00:00:17, output 00:02:54, output hang never

  Last clearing of "show interface" counters 04:10:30

  Input queue: 0/75/0/0 (size/max/drops/flushes); Total output drops: 0

  Queueing strategy: Per VC Queueing

  5 minute input rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

  5 minute output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec

     1775 packets input, 184510 bytes, 0 no buffer

     Received 0 broadcasts, 0 runts, 0 giants, 0 throttles

     0 input errors, 0 CRC, 0 frame, 0 overrun, 0 ignored, 0 abort

     2131 packets output, 2835164 bytes, 0 underruns

     0 output errors, 0 collisions, 0 interface resets

     0 output buffer failures, 0 output buffers swapped out

Show controllers:

Interface ATM2/0 is up

Hardware is RS8234 ATM DS3

LANE client MAC address is 0006.xxxx.xxxx

hwidb=0x6203A168, ds=0x6203BEE8

RS8234 base 3E000000, ds 6203BEE8, PM5346 base 3E400000, slave base 3E400000

SBDs - avail 2048, guaranteed 9, unguaranteed 2039, starved 0 rbds 4098

Seg VCC table 3E00DD80, Shadow Seg VCC Table 62066974, VCD Table 6207C9A0

Schedule table 3E018D80, Shadow Schedule table 620829CC, Size FC1

RSM VCC Table 3E14F180, Shadow RSM VCC Table 6218A380

VPI Index Table 3E04C700, VCI Index Table 3E04F180

Bucket2 Table 3E02C900, Shadow Bucket2 Table 620868FC

MCR Limit Table 3E02CD00, Shadow MCR Table 62088528

ABR template 3E02CF00, Shadow template 61B47160

RM Cell RS Queue 3E04D180

RBD OIR array 6203EC5C, HBD OIR array 6203CC5C

LECID Table 3E04CF00, Host LECID Table 62043628, LECID Table Bitmask 0

Queue           TXQ Addr  Pos  StQ Addr  Pos

0  UBR          3E048F00  214  07819820  214

1  UBR PLUS     3E049300  0    0781A020  0

2  UBR TUN1     3E049700  0    0781A820  0

3  UBR TUN2     3E049B00  0    0781B020  0

4  UBR TUN3     3E049F00  0    0781B820  0

5  ABR          3E04A300  0    0781C020  0

6  VBR NRT      3E04A700  0    0781C820  0

7  VBR RT       3E04AB00  0    0781D020  0

8  VBR/ABR TUN1 3E04AF00  0    0781D820  0

9  VBR/ABR TUN2 3E04B300  0    0781E020  0

10 VBR/ABR TUN3 3E04B700  0    0781E820  0

11 SIG          3E04BB00  0    0781F020  0

12 CBR          3E04BF00  0    0781F820  0

13 VPD          3E04C300  0    07820020  0

Queue           FBQ Addr  Pos  RSQ Addr  Pos

0  OAM          3E15B180  161  078208E0  162

1  UBR          3E15C180  95   078218E0  235

2  UBR PLUS     3E15D180  0    078228E0  0

3  UBR TUN1     3E15E180  0    078238E0  0

4  UBR TUN2     3E15F180  0    078248E0  0

5  UBR TUN3     3E160180  0    078258E0  0

6  ABR          3E161180  0    078268E0  0

7  VBR NRT      3E162180  0    078278E0  0

8  VBR RT       3E163180  0    078288E0  0

9  VBR/ABR TUN1 3E164180  0    078298E0 0

10 VBR/ABR TUN2 3E165180  0    0782A8E0  0

11 VBR/ABR TUN3 3E166180  0    0782B8E0  0

12 SIG          3E167180  0    0782C8E0  0

13 CBR          3E168180  0    0782D8E0  0

PCI bus err 0, DMA fifo full err 0, RSM parity err 0

RSM sync err 0, RSM/SEG Q full err 0, RSM overflow err 0

RSM stat Q full err 0, no free buff Q err 0, SEG underflow err 0

SEG stat Q full err 0

Framer Chip Type  PM7345

Framer Chip ID    0x20

Framer State      RUNNING

Defect Status     NO ERRORS

Loopback Mode     NONE

Clock Source      INTERNAL (but the source of this clock is derived from LINE)

DS3 Scrambling    ON

Framing           DS3 C-bit  w/PLCP framing

TX cells                                1640139

TX bytes                                86927367

Last output time                        1y11w

RX cells                                404467

RX bytes                                21436751

Last input time                         1y11w

Line Code Violations (LCV)              0

DS3: F/M-bit errors                     0

DS3: parity errors                      0

DS3: path parity errors                 0

DS3/E3: G.832 FEBE errors               3432

T3/E3: excessive zeros                  0

PLCP BIP errors                         0

PLCP framing octet errors               0

PLCP FEBE errors                        1766

uncorrectable HEC errors                0

idle/unassigned cells dropped           0

LCV errored secs                        0

DS3: F/M-bit errored secs               0

DS3: parity errored secs                0

DS3: path parity errored secs           0

T3/E3: excessive zeros errored secs     0

DS3/E3: G.832 FEBE errored secs         62

PLCP BIP errored secs                   0

PLCP framing octet errored secs         0

PLCP FEBE errored secs                  38

uncorrectable HEC errored secs          0

LCV error-free secs                     175680

DS3: F/M-bit error-free secs            175680

DS3: parity error-free secs             175681

DS3: path parity error-free secs        175695

T3/E3: excessive zeros error-free secs  175695

DS3/E3: G.832 FEBE error-free secs      175633

PLCP BIP error-free secs                175695

PLCP framing octet error-free secs      175695

PLCP FEBE error-free secs               175657

uncorrectable HEC error-free secs       175695

PM 7345 registers (base 0x3E400000):

  cfgr           0x00, ier            0x08, isr            0x00, ctlr


  imrr           0x21, dlcr           0x78, rboc_cier      0x00, rboc_isr


  t3frmr_cfgr    0x01, t3frmr_ier     0x03, t3frmr_isr     0x00, t3frmr_statr


  rfdl_cfgr      0xFC, rfdl_esr       0xF8, rfdl_statr     0x87, rfdl_datar


  pmon_pmr       0x00, pmon_iesr      0x03, pmon_lcvec0r   0x00, pmon_lcvec1r


  pmon_fbeec0r   0x00, pmon_fbeec1r   0x00, pmon_sezdc0r   0x00, pmon_sezdc1r


  pmon_peec0r    0x00, pmon_peec1r    0x00, pmon_ppeec0r   0x00, pmon_ppeec1r


  pmon_febeec0r  0x00, pmon_febeec1r  0x00, t3tran_cfgr    0x01, t3tran_diagr


  xfdl_cfgr      0x00, xfdl_isr       0x02, xfdl_txdatar   0x00, xboc_coder


  splr_cfgr      0x04, splr_ier       0x00, splr_isr       0x7F, splr_statr


  splt_cfgr      0x0C, splt_ctlr      0x00, splt_diagr     0x00, splt_f1r


  cppm_locmr     0xFC, cppm_copmr     0x90, cppm_b1ec0r    0x00, cppm_b1ec1r


  cppm_feec0r    0x00, cppm_feec1r    0x00, cppm_febec0r   0x00, cppm_febec1r


  cppm_hcsec0r   0x00, cppm_hcsec1r   0x00, cppm_iucc0r    0xFF, cppm_iucc1r


  cppm_rcc0r     0x00, cppm_rcc1r     0x00, cppm_tcc0r     0x00, cppm_tcc1r


  rxcp_ctlr      0x2C, rxcp_frcr      0x00, rxcp_iesr      0x1C, rxcp_iucph1r


  rxcp_iucph2r   0x00, rxcp_iucph3r   0x00, rxcp_iucph4r   0x01, rxcp_iucmh1r


  rxcp_iucmh2r   0xFF, rxcp_iucmh3r   0xFF, rxcp_iucmh4r   0xFF, rxcp_upcph1r


  rxcp_upcph2r   0x00, rxcp_upcph3r   0x00, rxcp_upcph4r   0x00, rxcp_upcmh1r


  rxcp_upcmh2r   0xFF, rxcp_upcmh3r   0xFF, rxcp_upcmh4r   0xFF, rxcp_hcscsr


  rxcp_lctctr    0xB4, txcp_ctlr      0xA4, txcp_iesr      0x18, txcp_iucph1r


  txcp_iucph2r   0x00, txcp_iucph3r   0x00, txcp_iucph4r   0x01, txcp_iucph5r


  txcp_iucpr     0x00, e3frmr_foptr   0x00, e3frmr_moptr   0x00, e3frmr_fier


  e3frmr_fiisr   0x01, e3frmr_meier   0x00, e3frmr_meiir   0x00, e3frmr_mesr


  e3tran_foptr   0x00, e3tran_sdoptr  0x03, e3tran_bip8emr 0x00, e3tran_maoptr


  ttb_ctlr       0x04, ttb_ttisr      0x00, ttb_iar        0x00, ttb_idr


  ttb_eptlr      0x00, ttb_ptlcsr     0x00, sffpcsr        0x31, pcr


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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

Unfortunately not all problems leave a trace in show interface, and I am afraid your is one of these that do not.


Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

I do notice some FEBE error counts.

Little guide on Troubleshooting ATM issues, you 'Might" have an issue at the far end.

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Re: Replacing ATM Interface Module in 3660

Thanks vmiller. I submitted a trouble ticket to AT&T to do further testing on their end to rule out that possibility. I definitely see the FEBE errors and I will take a look at that guide as I am sure that will help me in the future. Needless to say, the problem hasn't happened in the last few days.


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