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Required to log in twice to embedded AP (C887VA-W-E-K9)


I recently acquired a C887VA-W-E-K9 router and have been trying to configure it for VDSL & wireless.

I have got as far as a basic configuration, however when I enter service-module wlan-ap 0 session I am prompted to enter a username and password twice before I am dropped into exec mode.

I am connecting to the router via SSH, rather than the console, if that matters.

Router config:

aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authorization exec default local


username admin privilege 15 secret 5 XXXXX


AP config has the same lines as above.

Since service-module wlan-ap 0 session shows a banner (which I have only configured in the main router config, not within the AP IOS config) I am assuming at this point that the first prompt for username & password is actually for the router, and the second prompt is for the AP?

Is there a way I can simply disable the need to log in at all when I type service-module wlan-ap 0 session, since I would guess this is a EXEC-only command anyway?  Logging into the AP when I'm already logged in and exec'd to the router seems like an unnecessary overcomplicated step?

Thanks in advance for any advice given :)

VIP Purple

HelloI have never had


I have never had exposure to this modal however try this - also how are you accessing the router- (via console or telnet/ssh?)


aaa authentication login default local
aaa authorization console
aaa authorization exec default if-authenticated





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Hi Paul,Thanks for that.  At

Hi Paul,

Thanks for that.  At initial glance it doesn't seem to have fixed it, though it's hard to tell sometimes because it seems like the integrated wlan IOS "remembers" sessions and lets me in with just one login.  Other times, when it's "cold", it doesn't.


Not the end of the world, but annoying.  Thanks for your help :)

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