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rip and eigrp unicast

guys just a quick one in rip when we want to do unicast we do passive interface default (so that it shd not bro to others) and do neibour command to do it same for eigrp or not....if we wanna do unicast in eigrp ???? what is the method


Re: rip and eigrp unicast

Eigrp does not exhibit the same behavior as RIP does when configured with neighbor commands

When a neighbor command is used to define a neighboring router, EIGRP uses unicast packets for exchanging routing information

Also, EIGRP stops sending multicast packets on that interface. The ideal behavior of this command is for EIGRP to start sending EIGRP packets as unicast packets to the specified neighbor, but not stop sending and receiving multicast packets on that interface. Since the command does not behave as intended, the neighbor command should be used carefully



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Re: rip and eigrp unicast

If you configure Neighbor Command in RIP or EIGRP configuration, it will Unicast the traffic.

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Re: rip and eigrp unicast

Hello Khan,

EIGRP has a neighbor state machine concept that RIP misses.

For example RIP can learn routing updates on a passive interface EIGRP cannot.

EIGRP cannot accept an update from someone that is not a neighbor.

So the usage of neighbor statement with EIGRP is different as well described in other post

Hope to help


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