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RIP load balancing and route loops

I have a site configured for DSL VPN failover to main site.

There are two 4503 switches etherchanneled at the main site that establish a GRE endpoint for the remote site. Two tunnels from the remote to the main site.

When the failover happens both tunnels are up and working. The failover has worked at 4 other sites and I think the concept is fine.

My question concerns potential route loops with both tunnels up.The route table at the remote site is showing both tunnels equal ad of 120 to the main site subnets.

Right now there is an offset list outbound at the remote site.

I realize the offset list is going to be seen at the Main site, but is it possible to configure both tunnels to be up at the same time for load sharing without any potential problem.

I would like to use both tunnels if they are available when the failover happens.

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Re: RIP load balancing and route loops



Re: RIP load balancing and route loops

The dyunamic routing protocol will help to calculate the path to elimiate routnig loop. However, if there is static route that override the learned routes from remote. It may create the routing loop.

What I find there are many static routes in the network. You have to ensure those static routes will not create the loop then it is fine.

For the load-sharing, you should able to make it by your current config. However, two paths are not the similar path that traffic may not be load shared in effectively. Try to observe the traffic loading at both tunnels then decide the load-sharing solution. You may not use load-sharing and consider to use policy routing to rediect some traffic to alternative path.

Or you can remove the tunnel via MPLS and enable GLBP to load-sharing the MPLS and Internet path by local routing table in each router instead of by routing protocol.

Hope this helps.

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