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RIP, route failure, IP SLA

I have asked a few questions here regarding one of my ongoing network designs and have received some very helpful answers. I now have another question (or two). (BTW, I don't require EIGRP or OSPF on this network, RIP can handle it just fine)

When using RIP, it is my understanding that when a route is removed from the table due to a link going down, when the link comes back up, the route will be automatically reinstated, whereas if it were a static route it would have to be re-added manually.

I plan on using a combination of RIP, floating static routes, and IP SLA tracking to ensure transparent failover connectivity (from one set of WAN links to another) in the event of a physical or logical link failure.

My question is, does IP SLA tracking remove AND reinstate static routes? Basically, I want to know if I could eliminate RIP all together and just use IP SLA to ensure that the static routes are removed when in the event of a link failure and reinstated when the link comes back up (either logically or physically). Please let me know thanks.

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Re: RIP, route failure, IP SLA

"My question is, does IP SLA tracking remove AND reinstate static routes?"

It can.

More information about this feature can be read here:


BTW, statics can also go/come without this feature. For instance, when the static uses either a destination of either a connected media or next hop on a connected media that physically goes up/down (link failure). There are also other Cisco features to handle path failures, for example you might read

If your situation might be more than one router, you might also review interface tracking options and the enhnaced versions which also uses IP SLAs,

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