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RIPv2 Routing

Hi Guys,

I have a question regarding dynamic routing using RIPv2. I like toi enable RIPv2 across the WAN, however, behind our managed CPE customer will connect their Nortell 5520 Switch to one of the ethernet ports on the router on the LAN side.

Would the customer need to run RIPv2 in the LAN on the 5520 to be able to pass the IP changes to the Cisco router on the edge?

Would the Managed router learn the routes or networks behind the WAN interface if so how would that be achieved? Please provide me any info or configuration samples you may have. I just need to know if i need to configure the Nortel Switch as well to pass routes via RIPv2. And if i have to do this would this cause any routin gloops or readvertisment of the networks if running RIPv2 on both WAN and LAN. Hope this is clear.

Best Regards


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Re: RIPv2 Routing


you ca run ripv2 on both lan and wan so you have dynamic routing.

router rip

version 2

network x.x.x.x ------ WAN

network y.y.y.y ------ LAN

to prevent routing loops, it is better to know what prefixes will bve advertized by customer and allow only those prefixes to be injected to rip like this :

access-list 2 permit (customer prefix from lan)

router rip

distribute-list 2 in ethernet 0

The router checks the interface on which the update comes in. If it is Ethernet 0, access-list 2 is applied before putting it in the routing table.

I hope this give you alrady an idea.



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Re: RIPv2 Routing


I am afraid your question is not entirely clear to me. I understand that you have a WAN link to a router at a customer site. The router at the customer site has an Ethernet inteface. Connected to the Ethernet interface will be a Nortel 5520. I am not clear what is in the 5520 and whether there are networks behind the 5520. In the most simple case there is a single VLAN on the 5520 and no networks behind the 5520. In that case there is no need to run RIPv2 on the 5520. If there are networks behind the 5520 then probably there is a need to run RIPv2 on the 5520 so that it can advertise those networks to your router.

Whether there might be loops depends on the topology. I would say that it is not likely that there would be routing loops. But without knowing what the topology is it is difficult to be absolute about saying that there will or will not be any routing looops. But running RIPv2 on both the LAN and WAN is not likely by itself to cause any routing loop.



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