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route between vrf (vrf-lite)

I'm actually new to VRF/VRF-lite. I'd like to know how to route between 2 VRFs. And I want to keep the routes separated using 2 VRFs. Let's say I have the following-

ip vrf VRF1

rd 1:1

ip vrf VRF2

rd 2:2

int serial1

ip vrf forwarding VRF1

ip address

int ethernet1

ip vrf forwarding VRF1

ip address

int serial2

ip vrf forwarding VRF2

ip address

int ethernet2

ip vrf forwarding VRF2

ip address

ip route vrf VRF1

ip route vrf VRF2

Let's say if I have a host behind ethernet1, like, and I want to route to via Serial2. How do I forward the traffic from VRF1 to VRF2 (serial2)? I tried the following but it didn't work and received an error saying the IP is interface IP.

ip route vrf VRF1 name VRF2

ip route vrf VRF2 name VRF1

Can anyone give me some pointers here? Or does anyone know a good cisco doc on this topic on VRF-lite? thanks!



Re: route between vrf (vrf-lite)

Haven?t had much experience with VRFs, but if VRF routes or anything like standard static routes the error received from the system is correct. Command ?ip route vrf VRF1 name VRF2? and ?ip route vrf VRF2 name VRF1? configures a next-hop IP belonging to the router. For obvious reasons this won?t work. Try changing the serial route to the next-hop ip or neighboring router address.

Given the fact that network is a directly connected interface, anything destined for will route out ethernet1.



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