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route-filter assistance

Our head office has two GRE+IPSEC Tunnels to our data center. This is a Primary and Backup setup using EIGRP internal. The Head office connects to the spokes over MPLS using BGP. So we have 2way redistribution with filters in place. The spokes use the MPLS link to Head office as the primary connection to the Data center, however if the Primary at the HEad office fails, the spokes don't use their own local GREVPN backups we have configured due to admin distance issues obviously. The spokes also run EIGRP to the Data center and BGP into the MPLS core.

I can successfully tag routes on the backup VPN tunnel at the head office fine, however I am having a hard time carrying this tag over to the remote spokes and matching them to deny those routes from being injected into the route table. Any ideas?

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Re: route-filter assistance


Sorry but I need a drawing ;-)


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Re: route-filter assistance

Me too :D I figured it out last night. I matched the EIGRP tags I was using on the backup at the HQ site, and then tagging again with BGP community and was able to deny those routes at the spokes selectively. Thanks.

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