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Route manipulation

I'm injecting static routes into EIGRP.

Is there any way to have a redistributed static route leave the EIGRP routing table when it's no longer use?

Or is there any kind of way for a route to recognize "something" ie another route, vpn or anything and then inject itself into EIGRP?

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Re: Route manipulation

define "no longer use".

yes, static routes can be subject to tracking objects. That is a last resort configuration however, often there are alternatives.

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Re: Route manipulation

Belivacua thanks for the reply and disregard my ignorance. I jump the gun and hit me this morning around 2 a.m.! I don't need that route to be redistributed at all, so I just manipulated the acl.

Can you tell me about the tracking objects or point me to a good link?


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Re: Route manipulation

Hello Eric,

here it is a link to reliable static routing and object tracking')">

using this feature the state of a static route is subject to the track test you define.

To be noted that a static route can be removed from the routing table even without using this feature when the outgoing interface fails for example.

Redistribution is a dynamic process executed from time to time and so a static route removed from the routing table is going to be removed also from EIGRP updates and database

Hope to help


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