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route-map problem ...

I have been scratching my head for quite a while on this one ...

We are a wisp, getting our internet connection from 6 DSL lines through 2 cisco boxes (3 lines on each). The cisco boxes feed a linux machine with 3 Nics that redistribute the traffic in our network. Everything works fine, except that the http requests coming from outside are only answered if coming through one of the 2 cisco boxes (let's say R1) .Unless R1 is disconnected from the network, the requests coming from the links attached to R2 are never answered (time out)- Looks like the linux box always tries to send the http traffic back through R1, even though the request comes from the other links -

We have decided to replace the linux box with another cisco router to make it easier ?

Is it possible to configure a route map to redirect the answer through the same interface it came from ?

How do I go about that ?

Where should I configure the route map ? R1 ? R2 ? Or New Cisco box ?

On wich interface should I apply the route map ?

Thanks for your help !

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Re: route-map problem ...


I thought that this question seemed familiar, so I looked through the forum. And I find that you posted the exact same question on August 20. And unfortunately it received no responses. It would be better protocol if in this posting that you indicate that this is a repeat of a previous post.



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Re: route-map problem ...

Thanks Rick ....

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Re: route-map problem ...

Using ip cef load-sharing algorithm original on the gateway router (New Cisco Box) seems to correct the problem ...

Don't know if it is the right solution, still testing the whole thing in a lab environment ...

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