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Route redistribution Not working


We have two routerss connected by wan links and OSPF is enabled on this interfaces. On each router we have Channelised E1 controller to which 30 locations are connected. We are using static routes to in these two routers to route the data to these 30 locations. Secondly we are having ISDN-PRI configuration as a backup for these static links. for example

ip route Network_A serial 1/1:0

ip route Network_A dialer 0 200

This is how we are routing traffic when serial link goes gown.

In ospf process follwoing commands are given

redistribute static sunbets

redistribute connected subnets.

It works correct for all serial links. All serial routes are redistributed to other routers in the OSPF process. Problem comes when one location goes on ISDN backup line. On that router we can see that location is connected on isdn ,I can even ping to that location router ethernet. But this route of cost 200 is not redistributed in the OSPF process. When i removed the secondary command of 200 and again put it back , then it immediately redistributes this route in the network. And we get the connectivity to that location from the rest of the network. ( If I check with

show ip route Network_A command , it shows subnet on in the table. )

Why this is happening how can we rectify it.

Thanks in advance !


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Re: Route redistribution Not working


When the remote connection over the E1 fails and the remote connects via the PRI is the origional static route withdrawn from the routing table (ip route Network_A serial 1/1:0)? From your description it sounds like the floating static is not working correctly. So when the E1 connection fails and the remote is connected via PRI, if you do show ip route Network_A what do you get?



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Re: Route redistribution Not working


I did Show ip route Network_A command , it showed the correct route on the router where it was directly connected by ISDN. I could even ping to remote router ethernet. But this route was not redistributed with other OSPF enbaled routers. Then as usuval I did the same trick , I removed that static route for that remote location and re-configured it. And as expected it was redistributed to all other OSPF enbaled routers. We could not still find the root cause of the problem.

Thanks in advance


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