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Route Reflector Configuration

In a lab MPLS configuration, I have a PE1 router connected to External BGP, PE1 then connected to P Router and P Router connects to PE2 Router. PE2 connects to other external BGP Router. For Discussion, PE1, P and PE2 routers reflect MPLS Cloud where PE1 and PE2 connects to their respective Customers.

In order to configure full IBGP in an MPLS Cloud, I have configured P as a router reflector and PE1 and PE2 its clients. If PE1 receive an update from its customer will it be able to propogate that update to its Route Reflector P and will P router be able to propagate that to its other client PE2, and PE2 to its customer.

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Re: Route Reflector Configuration

Hi Abbas,

Yes, the PEs will propogate the routes to the RR, here is how:

iBGP routers are divided into Route Reflectors, Route Reflector clients and non-client Peers.

Routes received from a Route-Reflector-client is reflected to other clients and non-client neighbors.

Routes received from non-client neighbors are reflected to Route-Reflector-client neighbors only.

Also, if you only have 3 routers, you can logically fully mesh them together and not worry about RR.



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