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route tables in RIP OSPF

The attached is a route table and debug rip from a router connected in a lab scenario.

I am trying to understand why it poulated the way it did.

The goal is to get it to RIP the and the and the networks to populate via the interface as did the network did toward the bottom of the table.

In the, I offset the metric to force the router to use the interface.

Is there anything by looking at the route table that anyone can see as to why it is not populating from that interface?

It looks as though it might not event be configured correctly.

I have debuged rip on that router and it shows the network

What am I missing?

The router with the interface does not have an interface on the network, but it doesnt have one on the network either and it got those routes.

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Re: route tables in RIP OSPF

Hi rich,

if it is lab invironment so can you attach show run config of the both the router to short out the problem. Well i suppose you have auto summarization enable in RIP protocol and you have only loopback interface in it but bcos of auto summary it is coming /24 via rip bcos you don't have any interface in this subnet.

Well show run output will give us more information.

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Re: route tables in RIP OSPF


The update is being recieved from the neighbor at (serial 0) so the default behavior of RIP is to summarize network The debug does show that it is version 2 RIP which does have the capability to control summarization. My guess is that the neighbor at is following the default behavior and summarizing at network boundaries. If you configure no auto summarization in router rip on then I think that you should get the subnets of network



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