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Route traffic from remote VPN client.

Hi, our users connect to our HQ PIX 515 using VPN client 3.6.3, authenticate to domain via IAS, and are assigned IP address eg from pool, also assigned dns server address Remote user can connect to all servers in HQ, which are all IP 1.1.1.x.

However, we have a 2nd site which cannot connect to I think because no route/gateway. 2nd site has IP and try a ping request times out.

There is a VPN tunnel between both sites and users local to both sites can connect to each other.

PIX does the routing, there are no routers on the LANS. In both cases all traffic is forwarded to external address of PIX.

For a remote client if statically set the gateway address, in ipconfig, to be the gateway address of HQ lan, ie then can ping 2nd site. I don't see how to do this dynamically or otherwise when using the VPN client


Re: Route traffic from remote VPN client.

can you not make the VPN assigned GW for site1 users this would allieviate your having to statically enter these.

two things required:

1) PIXs must have routes to the other PIX known networks.

2) VPN users must have access to all networks you wish them to communicate with.

also, what is is this the site1 PIX internal interface?

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