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router 2501, 2522

I have two routers, 2501 and 2522. The first router is always on that state

"Router(boot)#", I tried to enter the ROMmon and change the configuration

register in order to boot using the new value, so I did but I could not find

the command "copy tftp flash" under the "Router(boot)#" , I failed to load a

new IOS in order to solve the problem.

Regarding the second router (2522), the router keeps reloading without any

success in loading the IOS image; during that process the router gives

"local time out (control reg=0x118)" error ; it keeps giving me this error;

I tried to enter the the ROMmon and change the configuration register, but

when I reloaded the router I couldn't find the "Router(boot)#" mode; the

router keeps reloading.


Re: router 2501, 2522

Yes, the 2500 series are a bit aged and they do not know about the copy tftp flash.

There is a document on CCO describing various aspects of rommon problems with these models:

If your hardware is OK, you may be able to find a solution. 

There are even more documents to be found, search for example with the term: 2500 ios upgrade

Hope this helps.



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