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Router 2801 acl block download speed


I'm using for a company network a 2801 Cisco Router. This router has 2 FastEthernet Interfaces connected on 2 ISP's and one VLAN for internal users.

What acl should i use if for example one client from the lan is using a torrent client to download from the internet. I want just to specify a maximum download speed or to block that client to access the internet when it's trying to download something that can affect other clients from the LAN.

I just want some exemples ...



Router 2801 acl block download speed

Hi Toma,

When you have a seperate Vlan it would be possible to allocate bandwidth under the vlan's

See the below two individual steps may help in your scenario.


Apply rate-limit on each L3 vlan interface in your 2851
Example (for 1024kbits for vlan 2):

Router# conf t
Router(config)# int vlan 2
Router(config-if)#rate-limit input 1000000 187500 375000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop
Router(config-if)#rate-limit output 1000000 187500 375000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop


Policy a specific VLAN number on VLAN interface.

class-map vlan5
match vlan 5
match class-map class-default

policy-map vlan5-limit
class vlan5
police 2000000 250000 exceed-action drop

int vlan5
service-policy input vlan5-limit

After you apply this configuration, the traffic with VLAN 5 coming from any will be policed at 2Mbps.

Likewise you can change the bandwidth rate whichever you want.

Hope this will help you.

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Re: Router 2801 acl block download speed

If you want more granularity you can use nbar to match the protocol you want to limit like bittorent.

An example of a specific class-map

class-map CM_BAD_TRAFFIC

  match protocol bittorent

  match protocol edonkey

  match protocol fasttrack

And after that you apply some QoS functionnality like policying to slow down their traffic and/or drop it.

Then you have unlimited bandwidth for trusted traffic business or web and the others are slow down with the class-map statement.



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