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Router advice


We have two bandwidth suppliers which provide internet access distribute our ASN through BGP.

I would like to be able to get one router (ideally 1U) capable of speaking BGP in two of its ports and also OSPF to advertise whichever route is active in to internal LAN.

The demmand for bandwidth is not high at the moment but we expect it to grow to 100Mbps across the two ports within the next year.

Can anyone recommend a model & IOS version capable of doing this?

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards


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Re: Router advice

Hello Alex,

if you receive only a default route from ISP eBGP peers you can think of using a C2851.

You may consider if NAT is not needed to use a multilayer switch like C3750 that would give you high margins in terms of traffic volume.

see attached file of router performance.

But if you plan to receive partial or full BGP tables you would need at least a C7206 VXR with NPE-G1 or equivalent like C7201 that is smaller.

you need to consider also the signalling plane current and future requirements to make the best choice.

Hope to help


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Re: Router advice

Hi Giuseppe.

Many thanks for your quick reply :)

I think that the C3570 is the best option for us. Is there a minimum IOS version that we need to be able to operate the multiple protocols?

Do you know if we can run OSPF with the two BGP peers as to automatically decide which way to route packets in case of failure of one of the peers?

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Re: Router advice

I don-t think a 3750 is the best choice for facing the internet with two bgcp peers.

First of all, it does not have memory enough to keep the full table with one peer, much less with two. And the memory, is not expandable.

Then, the CPU is very slow, like a 2801 or less. This mean when the swtich is busy processing or sending routing updates, you will have poor response from the console, and other strange effects.

Finally and most important, not being a true router is unable to do most of what is most oftetn required> VPN termination, tunnels, NAT, advanced ACLs and PBR.

You qould be better using a true router, you can begin with a 2821 fro not much bandwidth, up to 7200 with NPE-G1 or G2 when required.

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Re: Router advice

Very good point.

I take it that I can get a 2821 with multiple modules, perhaps a 4 port 100TX && a couple of SFP's?

Many thanks.

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Re: Router advice

Hello Alex,

consider C3750 if only you want to:

a) receive default routes from the two eBGP peers.

b) no NAt is required on the box

you need an IP services image to run BGP


Advanced IP unicast routing protocols (Open Shortest Path First [OSPF], Interior Gateway Routing Protocol [IGRP], Enhanced IGRP [EIGRP], Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 [BGPv4, IS-ISv4]) are supported for load balancing and constructing scalable LANs. The IP Services image is required.

Hope to help


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Re: Router advice

I am looking at a new router as well. I Have two gateways, one is a 100 meg connection and another 50 meg connection. No BGP just separate providers. I'm an ISP. Would a 2841 with expanded memory work well for this application?

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Re: Router advice

No it would not. Look at the above router performance attachment.

As another poster said you are looking for at least a 7201 with an NPE-G1, better an NPE-G2. This will likely cost you $30k+.

The bare minimum I would use would be a 3845 with max memory, this being ~$12k.

Others have touched it but let me state it plainly -- if you have two providers with >10Mbps links, you will need a router that can move that much traffic while also providing services (it will need some CPU horsepower, which a 28xx does not have a lot of).

You will also want a router that can take two full Internet routing tables so your can choose the best path between the two providers. Each Internet routing table is >200k routes, and this means you will want at least 1GB of memory.

Get a 7201 with NPE-G1 or G2.

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Re: Router advice

Thank you for the info.

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