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Router Failover between single T1

I have a central site that terminates PTP T1's to my remote sites. I am trying to achieve some redundancy at my central site that terminates all the remote site T1's. I found this article on that describes something similar using a Y cable. I understand that I still have a single point of failure with the T1 lines I just want redundancy at the router. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance


A custom T1/E1 Y-cable is required for Cisco MWR 1941 redundancy (Figure 2). Y-cables connect the two interfaces on the Cisco 2-Port RJ-48 T1/E1 RAN WAN Interface Card to a single T1/E1 backhaul in the BTS or Node B. The Y-cable that is connected to a pair of redundant Cisco MWR 1941 routers can differentiate the active router from the standby router through the LEDs. The active router carrier detect is green, the standby alarm is amber with no carrier detect.

The Y-cable is available from Anixter, a third-party vendor. (Part number Q#00066036.) Please see for local sales offices worldwide.
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Re: Router Failover between single T1

Y-cable is not a very good idea.

If you want redundancy, duplicate the circuits and not the router, because the circuits do fail, the router never does.

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