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Router problem

Hey guys,

I have a big problem. I have two routers facing the internet running BGP. All of a sudden they are really slow traffic wise. It's 100ms to ping from the switch they are directly connected to, to the router istself.

Here is a memory usage picture.

Processor Pool Total: 979889200 Used: 241203728 Free: 738685472

I/O Pool Total: 12582912 Used: 5156256 Free: 7426656

PID TTY Allocated Freed Holding Getbufs Retbufs Process

231 0 161303344 1808148 157218772 0 0 BGP Router

98 0 65189896 2189796 65199868 0 0 IP RIB Update

0 0 47115968 12075128 19920736 0 0 *Init*

54 0 654568 1272 635296 0 0 USB Startup

178 0 325016 47512 296468 0 0 IPSEC key engine

Do you think it's a memory issue or do you think it might be something else.

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Re: Router problem

Hello Brent,

Free: 738685472

Total: 979889200

you have 75% of main memory free this is not a memory issue

check cpu usage with

sh proc cpu sorted 1min

sh proc cpu history

verify wan link usage

Hope to help


New Member

Re: Router problem

Thanks for the quick reply G! .. so check this out..

If I set the switch to hardcoded 100 full .. and I set the router to hardcoded 100 full I have 6 minutes before it goes to 112ms pings.

If I set the switch to hardcode speed at 100 but leave the duplex to auto and leave the router hardcoded to 100 full it fixes the problem.

all other combinations give me the six minute thing.

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Re: Router problem

Hello Brent,

interesting this points to the interaction between the switch port and the router interface.

But do yo see any form of errors in the first scenario (100 full both sides ?)

Packets holded in hold queues ?

do you see pause frames incrementing (not all platforms show these counters) in sh int ?

What platforms are involved here ?

Hope to help


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