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Router problems when internet is down

Hello and first of all, scuse me for my bad english.

I am writing this post because i have a very big problem i can not solve myself, so i think i need help.

I am using in my house a Cisco RV180W Multifunction Router with a modem Digicom Combo CX. The Cisco router, is used for connecting many devices controlling the automation of my home. So, i need this to turn on and off light, climate system, alarm system, and many other things.

Everything works very fine, but some days ago, i have had a very big problem. Adsl line, was 'down' for about 2 hours and the router stopped working well.

Every commands, was extremely slow. For example, pressing a light-switch on the wall, the light turns on after about one minute.......

When Internet connection has come back, everything has began to works fine.

The day after, i have try to disconnect the modem cable from the router (Wan port) and everything has began to go slow as for the previois time.......

It seems, when Internet is 'down', the router become impossible to works (and so, my home is impossible to live in...). When Internet come back again, all the commands sent in the time interned was 'down', are execute all togheter in few seconds.

I can't understand this strange behaviour....... i hope someone can help me to solve.

Thank you very much and scuse me again for my bad english.

Ema from Italy


Router problems when internet is down

Hi Ema

Can you post the config of the router?

Also, is there a control program somewhere running inside your house for the lights etc, perhaps on a PC/Server?

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Router problems when internet is down


Congratulations on your first post in the forum. I hope that we will be able to help you and that you will continue to be an active participant in the forum.

The symptoms that you describe of response being very slow are the kind of symptoms encountered when the router is attempting to resolve names using DNS but can not access the name server. It sends a request and waits for a response. If the Internet is not accessible there will be no response. The router has a timeout value and when the request has timed out then the router responds. I wonder if your problem is something like this.



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