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Router purchase help

I need a router for my network. The purpose is to only do static NAT so that from internet my vendors can Log-into my applications servers residing in my LAN.Please advice me some economical cisco router and cisco switch.I at least require 2 ethernet ports. One connected to my ADSL Modem and other will be connected to my LAN via switch.I will implement Static NAT on the router and forward the desired traffic to local IPs in my LAN. I also possess a pool of 5 WAN ips, so i can easily use Static NAT.

If some one has more economical solution in mind , please share.Otherewise i will purchase a cisco router and a switch

Moreover i have a 2610 in hand, but it has only one ethernet port and 2 serial.I require one more ethernet in it to implement the above scenario.Any suggestion ?

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Re: Router purchase help

The 2610 has a network module slot in addition to the WIC slots and built-in ethernet interface that you mention - so you could install a module giving you an additional ethernet port, such as an NM-1E (Ethernert) or NM-1FE-TX (FastEthernet).

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Re: Router purchase help

Dear Jamesl0112.

Thanks for your reply.

I searched on ebay. They are offering a lot verity of that one FE cards. I want one for my cisco 2610. Can u plz go through the link and advice me what would be better. As i am afriad, i buy one and it doesnt get fit into my box and needs. Here is the ebay link.

I m very thankful to u for ur support.

Also advice me some low end cheaper router. I also want to make a comparison, as to go for modular interface or purchase a new router.



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Re: Router purchase help

A good place to check on which modules are compatible is here:

If you want one standard fastethernet interface, then you might want to look at the NM-1FE-TX - FX is for fibre.

I would imagine that you won't be able to find a new router for cheaper than the cost of a network module but who knows, feel free to shop around.

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Re: Router purchase help

don't forget router on a stick, that's an option as well

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