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Router Recomendation Multi Wan

Hi All

can you recomend a router for me?

WAN1 > Dynamic IP > NAT > LAN1

WAN2 > 81.2.78.xx (static) > 178.238.157.xx/28

both WAN links are VDSL (FTTC) and so link to modems via PPPOE - can this be done on one port with VLANs?

i have been looking at the 1921, what i want is for the lan (general traffic) to leave via WAN1 and VoIP/Severs etc to leave VIA WAN2 but i want both networks to be aware of each other ie LAN1 to VOIP would not get routed via the WAN at all.

both links are 80/20mbps

Thanks All



Router Recomendation Multi Wan

I don't think the 1921 will be up to the job with those WAN links. Have a look at the Cisco router performance page:

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Re: Router Recomendation Multi Wan


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For up to 200 Mbps of aggregate WAN bandwidth, Cisco would recommend something bigger than a 1921.

I've attached a Cisco ISR performance whitepaper.

Re: Router Recomendation Multi Wan

Definately 1921 will do the job but as they come with 2 port you would need a HWIC card to connect it to LAN.

use PBR using ACL's and equal cost routes towards ISP to achieve traffic routing.



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Re: Router Recomendation Multi Wan

1921 can provide the physical connectivity but it won't shift that level of traffic at that rate.

Re: Router Recomendation Multi Wan

The FTTC will not achieve the desired rates of 80/20 both at the same times and nor does any provider guarantee that.



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Re: Router Recomendation Multi Wan

Thanks for the input all,

I do agree that for the most part the lines will not be maxed out. you have given me some points to consider.

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