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Router + Switch =)

I have a 2503 router which has a build int ethernet port that says on ir BRI im assuming it means bridge.. also i have a 1912 switch that has two 100baseT connections... What kind of cable will i use to connect this switch to my 2503 router??? a straight through a cross over or a inverse???? thanks


Re: Router + Switch =)


The BRI actually stands for "Basic Rate Interface" which is use for ISDN circuits - ISDN is Intergrated Switched Digitial Networks. From a router to a switch you use a straight thru cable.


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Re: Router + Switch =)

do i connect this cable in the BRI port to the 100baseT in the switch??? or on the transceiver that i connect in the DB15 port???

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Re: Router + Switch =)

Hello Miguel,

a BRI interface is a WAN interface and you shouldn't connect it to the LAN switch because you can't achieve a working link on it.

Verify that you have an ethernet interface labeled E0 or Eth0 on your 2503.

On old routers you can find an AUI port for the ethernet port and you need a trasnsceiver from AUI to 10 BaseT.

So the answer is to connect the straight UTP LAN cable to the transceiver on the 2503 side to a 100 Base T on the switch.

You may need to set the switch port to 10 mbps and duplex half if autonegotiation doesn't work.

hope to help


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Re: Router + Switch =)

You need to purchase a micro transceiver which will be connected to the AUI port.

Here is one model that works in the 2500:

You will also need a xover cable.




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