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router trace hop

The scenario:

Spoke sites have 2 routers each ( on HSRP ) and connect via different links to Central/hub location.Hub location also has two routers each.

Spoke & Hub are running bgp. spoke is running ospf on lan side.

Got a query on how routers operate based on following trace:

On some spoke sites, when user starts a trace to any destination following is the first hop result : 4 msec  ( interface ip of router2 on spoke) msec   ( interface ip of router1 on spoke) msec   (interface ip of router2 on spoke)

rest of the hops to destination are fine.

From another spoke , trace gives below result: ( first hop , interface ip of router1 on spoke )

i fail to understand why is it different on both spokes. first one has 3 recurring ips and second one has just one.

ospf equal cost distribution ( if am not wrong ) may be one of the reasons. but in that case, it should happen to second result also.

Appreciate if folks here can help me understand!

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