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Router won't prompt for password

Haven't had any luck figuring this one out.  Seems as though the router will not prompt a user for a password.  Returns message "Windows was unable to connect to *Network Name*".  Typically at this point I would blame the computer and related hardware, but it doesn't prompt for a password on any computer, device, or anything capable of accessing it.  I am able to transfer the network (password included, obviously) through a usb to another computer at which point it connect. 

What I am trying to figure out is what would cause the network not to prompt for a password.  Any ideas?


- J. D.

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Cisco Employee

Router won't prompt for password

Hi James,

Please asnwer some questions for more details on the problem:

1. Are you able to ping the router from PC?

2. How is PC connected (remote to the router, console, directly to Fa/Gi port)? If remote, did you check console and the other way around?

3. What application and protocol are you using to connect to the router? You could try some other terminal.

4. Post the configuration for line vty and line console, aaa configuration and check if you have username, enable or enable secret password set up. There are many things that could be misconfigured here, such as all transport disabled on lines, so it does not accept telnet or ssh.

5. Check if there are some access-lists configured on interfaces towards PC. ACL could be blocking your traffic.

6. Could you elaborate on what you meant by "I am able to transfer the network (password included, obviously) through a usb to another computer at which point it connect. "?

Kind Regards,

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Kind Regards, Ivan Shirshin **Please grade this post if you find it useful.
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Router won't prompt for password

1) Yes, I am able to ping the router.

That said, let me clarify what I was saying by providing a little more detail.  Perhaps that will help.

The router (RV042  10/100 4-Port VPN Router), which is configured with a standard and guest network (both of which are password protected), will not prompt for a password when a user tries to connect to it. 

Method used to connect is through built in Windows network manager. Console will attempt to wirelessly connect, but is never prompted for the password from the router and therefore is unable to connect--returning the message I quoted in the first post.

My comment about being able to transfer the wireless profile: At one point, this router prompted for a password.  As a result, certain computers in the office are already connected.  If you save the wireless profile to a USB and transfer it to another computer (setupSNK.exe), the console is able to connect to the router.

I've shut down modems, routers, consoles, etc.

Tried it from my cell phone - that prompts for a password. No computer in the office (regardless of OS: 7, Vista, XP) seems to prompt though.

The guest network feeding off of the main network DOES prompt for a password.

Again, I have no idea what is going on.  I'm at the point of considering redoing the entire configuration, but would like to avoid it if possible.

Thanks for your assistance, Ivan.

- J. D.

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