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Routers for Connecting multiple sites with IPLC or MPLS


I have four remote site offices & one HQ in Mumbai, i would like to connect all the sites either by Point to point IPLC or MPLS.

Request to advice which router would be fit for all this. and which technology will suit in this case


Re: Routers for Connecting multiple sites with IPLC or MPLS

This is a really a money question so you are going to have to get quotes for both solutions and decide.

In general if you need a full mesh MPLS will be cheaper but if you are hub and spoke (ie you branch office mostly talk to the HQ) then point to point will be cheaper.

This is very hard to even say the above is true because of competition. I have seen quotes for a 2 node MPLS network that were cheaper than point to point and I still cannot get a good answer why that was true.

The main thing to consider is MPLS is many times quoted as best effort while point to point is all committed. If you are going to run voice make sure you get the MPLS quoted for enough "gold" rate to handle it. For a point to point the bandwidth you purchase is all "gold".

As far as routers go 1841 at the remote site and a 2811 at the main but it depends on your bandwidth requirements. If you go MPLS the vendors many times provide the CE routers and you could just hook you LAN to them. Depends how much you want to outsource to the vendor

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