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Routing/ACL question

I am trying to clean up some routing issues I have between sites.

I have three sites (A, B, C). Site A is the main location. Site B is a branch location connected by a 50 Mbp pipe. Site C is our COLO connected by VPN. Routing between Site A and B is fine. Most of the routing between Site A and C is fine. The issue is between Site B and C. I think I have narrowed down the issue to a translation on our ASA but I cannot determine the best approach. If you look at the Visio diagram I included I believe the issue is the translation between and in Site A. I am trying to figure out if it is an ACL or a NAT issue, or something else.

I should add this: On the ASA from Site A I am able to ping to the gate of the PIX in Site C and from Site C I can ping the ASA, but I cannot ping anything on the inside of each site.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Routing/ACL question

Is ping allowed to traverse your PIX and ASA?

Are the LAN networks of site a and b defined in the encryption domain ACLs used by the VPN tunnel?


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