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Routing class Cs via cellular radio

I use ethernet cellular radios to which the carrier assigns static non-routable class C IP addresses. Traffic initiated by one of these radios is also routed by the CARRIER to two other class Cs.

I would LIKE to attach one of these radios to an 1841 configured to provide DHCP, and then route traffic to all THREE external Class Cs. However, I CANNOT setup this as the default route… so how do I specify routes to the NON-DHCP class Cs when I have no "next hop" ?

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Re: Routing class Cs via cellular radio

Sorry, cannot understand what do you mean.

Can you make some example ?

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Re: Routing class Cs via cellular radio

I thought this self explanatory: however, I'll try to clarify:

The cellular radio has a 10.200.0.x/24static IP. We also have field equipment using 10.200.1.x and 10.200.2.x class C's.

The carrier routes traffic from 10.200.0.x to the other two blocks.

Now lets attach this radio to a router with, say 2 ethernet ports: the host network on FA0 with an address of, and the radio with an address of on FA1, with the port set to acquire the address via DHCP. A console user can ping various radios on the 10.200.0 network; however, I need some way to indicate "if you want to talk to, ROUTE VIA". If I try this, IOS indicates "address is on the local router"

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Re: Routing class Cs via cellular radio

Nothing is self-explanatory unless you attach a network diagram comprising all device and addresses.

Anyway, your SP doesn't route anything else than, and 10.200.3. That means if you want to use other addresses, you have to build your VPN. This is easily done with GRE tunnels, either point-to-multipoint or full-mesh point-to-point.

If you never did things like that before, I recommend you hire a networking professional for the job.

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Re: Routing class Cs via cellular radio

You misunderstand the question. WHile the SP will route traffic between the 3 10.x class Cs (e.g., a device attached to can address, I need to be able to route LAN traffic from TO ALL THREE CLASS C's.

Since I cannot make the port where the cell radio is attached the default route (which would solve the problem nicely and in fact works), is there some way to be able to set static routes for and I had thought that an overloaded NAT would work, but am not making any headway on this...

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