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Routing issue- 851 router

Hi all,

I have a cisco 851 router ( i.e 4 x switch ports, 1 routed port and only 1 Vlan support i.e VLAN1 and integrated wireless AP).

I have dual WAN links, one is for internet and other is for the private WAN.Wireless users need to access internet and the data centre.

The wireless users are bridge to the WAN interface using bridge irb, and the wireless users LAN gateway is the BVI1 interface.


interface FastEthernet4

description "WiMax (Private WAN) Link to Data Centre"

ip address <p2p links /30 mask>

duplex auto

speed auto


interface Vlan1

no ip address

bridge-group 1


bridge irb

bridge 1 protocol ieee

bridge 1 route ip


interface BVI1

description " Wireless & LAN Bridge Interface"

ip address <LAN gateway/24>


ip route <data centre> fa4 <-(only routed port)

ip route <internet> next hop ip <-(gateway)

Everything is working fine with one WAN link.

Now the problem is that i have to terminate the second link i.e for internet but i have no routed port available.

Initially i planned of terminating the internet link on one of the router's switch port and assigning secondary address to the bvi1 interface so that wireless users can access both wan and internet. But after implementing that i found that the wireless users can only ping the secondary ip address (configured for p2p /30 internet link )on the bvi1 interface but not the next hop ip of the /30 internet link i.e the gateway. Remember I only have one router and no switches.

What can be the issue with using the secondary ip solution for link termination and is any other solution possible?


Re: Routing issue- 851 router

When IP packets are routed across a network, there is the potential for problems at every hop between the source and the destination, so test connectivity at each hop to determine where it is broken is the logical troubleshooting methodology.

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