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Routing Packets through networks

Okay guys heres my situation.

I have got a Class C network at my house set up. I am using Nortel IP phones which encodes its ip in the data packet(Class C) and cannot be changed. I have a VLAN set up from my house to a remote Class B network and want to exchange data. So heres how its set up -->

I've got a 192.168 network at my house ---- A VLan set up to a remote 172.24 network. In between these two is a Fiber(SONET) Ring which is administered by the county. One easy solution to my problem would be to add a route in the router at the 172.24 network to tell the traffic how to get back to my 192.168 network. The problem is the router is controlled by the county and they will not add that route in just for me.

The latest thing I've tried is to add another router in at the 172.24 network with static routes that say 172.24.xx.xx .

The firewall and router at the 172.24.xx.xx network are set to not respond to pings. Heres what happens when I do a traceroute from my 192.168 network to the 172.24 network:

Packet leaves the gateway at my 192.168 network, find the 172.24.xx.xx network. Instead of coming back to my network, the packet bounces around to different 192.168 networks and never makes it back to me. I've tried talking to Nortel and there is nothing to do to change the IP in the packet because it is hard coded into the IP phone. If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated.

Justin Curtis <>


Re: Routing Packets through networks


The best thing to happen here would be a small schematic diagram representing ur devices and also the ip addressing scheme being used in them.

Also the packet traversal at present and the problematic path thru which u feel urnt geting the replies back..

tht would def help to attract more inputs/feedbacks here.


Re: Routing Packets through networks


all IP addresses you mention are private IPs, i.e. can be used by everyone. IP connectivity however requires unique IP addresses. So do you have any IP connectivity to 172.24.x.x from home? Especially can you ping/traceroute your host/router in 172.24 from your home gateway?

What is your outside gateway address (not the 192.168 one)? Maybe activating NAT/PAT on your home gateway would be sufficent to do what you want to do.



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Re: Routing Packets through networks

Here is a schematic of my network

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