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Routing Packets through specified modem...

Hi allz...

I attached my network design... I have two problems... As you will see in the attachment, i have two modems from different ISPs. These modems are attached to ASA 5510. I have two internal networks behind ASA.

I connect these two internal networks to the E1 and E2 interfaces of ASA5510. And modems are attached to outside port of ASA (I have only three interfaces on ASA except management.)

What i wanna do is that:

All packets from network A will go through Modem A (They have super limited web access only one website to retrieve special data.).

All packets from Network B will go through Modem B. (They hava unlimited access to internet.)

Do u friends know that ASA 5510 support this kind of deployment? If so, how can i configure it?

Here is the second problem:

Its about VPN connctivity. I wanna configure Remote Access VPN for the user that u can see on the attachment. User has a dynamic ip from an ISP.

I use VPN Wizard from ASDM 5.1 console. Then I open ports 1723TCP/UDP on modemA.

Then I use Cisco VPN Client to test it. The answer was NOT CONNECTED...

Im really new on VPN Configuration, could you guys help me about VPN configuration. Maybe a brief theory may help me to understand VPN technology. Im really confused with it...

Also I attached my VPN conf through Wizard...

Thanks in Advanced.....


Re: Routing Packets through specified modem...


you can fulfill your first requirement using the Policy Based routing(PBR) can configure have to go through following confiugre Rout maps...

1.) you have to write accesslist to permit the host

2.) then you have to define the match criteria on the base of the accesslist.

3.) after match statement you have to define the set option in order to achive you work...

you can have the clear idea from the following configuration example...

i assume that 192.168.1.x is your network A

and 10.10.10.x is your network B.

#access-list 3 permit ip

#access-list 13 permit ip

#route-map modemA permit 10

#match ip address 3 (first access-list number)

#set ip next-hop (modem A)

#route-map modemB permit 20

#match-ip address 13 (second access-list number)

#set ip next-hop

then apply command ip policy route-map modemA

ip policy route-map modemB to appropriate interface...

hope this will help you

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Re: Routing Packets through specified modem...

Thanks Devan,

One more thing. Its about Remote Access VPN. BAsed on the attached topology, i wanna use remote Access VPN through modemA. I used ASDM VPN Wizard to create a Remote Access VPN. After that, i tried to connect to my network through VPN Tunnel, I couldnt succeed. For connecting ASA, i used Cisco VPN Client. But it says me just Not Connected. Do i need to do something on my modem. I opened 1723 TCP,UDP and 500 UDP on my modem. But still there is no connection...

Can u help me on this matter?

Thanks in advanced...

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