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Routing protocol for MPLS

We are planning to implement MPLS connectivity between our 3 offices and data center. Data center will have a access port of bandwidth 34 Mbps and other 2 offices with 10 Mbps and one office with 2 Mbps bandwidth.

From each office the MPLS is connected to Service provider Cloud.I have a choice of 3 routing protocols to use from the service provider.RIP II,OSPF,BGP.Which routing protocol to be used ?i have 2811 routers at each site.Is this fine ?I prefer to use OSPF but how in how many areas ?Is it fine to use a single area when service provider cloud is involved ?

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Re: Routing protocol for MPLS


you can use a single area design but I would prefer to use a non backbone area in each site with your CE router acting as ABR the whole SP cloud will be your area 0 backbone.

This because OSPF routes from other sites are imported as O IA not as O routes.

So it is better to reflect this on the OSPF topology.

Support of OSPF over the cloud is emulated via multi protocol BGP specific extended communities.

I would also consider to use BGP, being the easiest thing for the provider could have a lower price (but I understand they have given you three options at the same price).

I wouldn't consider RIP v2 in any case

Hope to help


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Re: Routing protocol for MPLS

i will have 2811 router on each site connecting to each 2811 site router will be a ABR with separate area connecting to a backbone area 0 on i getting it rt ?Can you please detail this ?.

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Re: Routing protocol for MPLS


an example can be

net internal to site

net 192.168.1x.0/24 backbone link on PE-CE

net 192.168.254.x/32 loopback in area 0

int loop0

ip address 192.168.254.x

desc OSPF router-id

router ospf 10

router-id 192.168.254.x

network 192.168.1x.0 area 0

network 192.168.254.x area 0

network area 1x

where x changes on each site: 1,2,3

Hope to help


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Re: Routing protocol for MPLS

thanks for the reply.letme try this.

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