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Routing Question

Sorry for posting on wrong forum but i did not get any response from windows forums.

I have a cisco vpn router 800 series connected to a windows 2003 terminal server. The server has two NICs. One NIC is connected to my LAN switch and the second NIC is connected to the ADSL Cisco Router.

The Server Internal NIC IP is Mask GW: NONE, DNS

The Server External NIC IP which is connected to ADSL CISCO Router is mask GW: (ADSL Router Internal IP) DNS: ISP DNS.

ADSL Router Internal IP:

ADSL Router External IP: ISP Given

I need to telnet to the ADSL Router from my Computer which is connected to the internal network switch with the IP mask GW: DNS:

Can anybody help me doing this?


New Member

Re: Routing Question

I suspect you local machine can not see the cisco Subnet.

What is -> can it see the Cisco?

Try running a trace route...

Also the server that has the ADSL Cisco attached - is it running RRAS ?


Cisco Employee

Re: Routing Question

Well the only way you could do this is if you have a route on the ADSL router for your subnet reachable via the which is the ip address of the NIC connected to the ADSL router. Connect a console to the ADSL router and set that route.

-amit singh

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