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Routing Traffic to Different Locations

Right now I have two locations tied together through two Cisco 1720 Routers. Between them is a T1 Line. As of right now, I believe there is a route set up in one of the routers that allows all port 80 traffic to be directed to our firewall at our other location on the other side of the T1 line. This worked fine until we decided that we wanted to have half of the computers browse out through one connection and half browse out through another connection. I figured that if I added another route to the router, it would work fine - however that doesn't seem to be the case. Below is the current config of the router:

ip classless

ip route

ip route

ip route Serial0

no ip http server

100.6 is the old firewall that everyone can browse out of right now - I thought by adding another line for the new firewall which is 75.2, we could split the computers up to browse out of different connections depending on what their default gateway was set to. This doesn't seem to be the case. How can I get some port 80 traffic to forward to one firewall and other port 80 traffic to forward to another firewall?


Re: Routing Traffic to Different Locations

Did u mean to say, that u added 2nd firewall at other end of T1 & want ur outgoing packets to go out on same link & load-sharing between 2 firewalls.

Is the 2nd firewall connected on same interface or another interface. If the 2 are connected to different interfaces, then u need to add a static route to destination pointing towards each firewall. & on each interface where FW is connected apply this command, "ip load-sharing per-destination".

I'm extremely sorry, if i understud wrong.


Re: Routing Traffic to Different Locations


can you elaborate more , it will be perfect with a schema!!


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Re: Routing Traffic to Different Locations

Well, at our main facility we have two connections to the internet - one is a DSL connection and one is a T1 connection. At another facility about 100 miles away (that is directly connected to the main facility through a point to point T1 line) we have 5 users that need internet access. However, we want to have 3 of the users to browse to the internet via the T1 circuit (at the main facility), the other 2 we want to have browse out through the DSL connection (at the main facility). The way the routers are configured, it looks as though all port 80 traffic will get forwarded to the gateway of 100.6 - which means all 5 users will be browsing through one internet connection. I thought that if I added an IP route for the second internet connection that was identical to the 100.6 route, it would allow the users to browse out through either connecction. But it only seems to cause problems where most of the websites aren't accessible.

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